What kind of music do you guys like to listen to?

See title.

What type of music do you guys like to listen to? Genres, time-periods, you name it!

Liquid DnB, “New Age”, Classical Music, House, Electro House, Melodic Dubstep, etc. I could say I listen to any genre and sub genre as long as it isn’t reggaeton or these kind of “inconsequential” stuff.

An example of New Age music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QllvHZW33dE

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The genres i like the most are: DnB, Future Bass, Melodic dubstep, Drumstep, Chillwave and Glitch Hop.Mainstream radio type pop or edm is ok but not rly my type.But pls stop with spanish music type watever jeez(no ofense to spanish ppl im sure there are other types that are nice).

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There is a lot of stuff I like and listen too. Usually, it’s something Metal, but I don’t only listen to that. I listen to a lot of classic rock, and also synth pop,edm, etc, especially from the 80s-90s. Sometimes I also like jazz from the 40s-60s.

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I’ll pretty much listen to anything as long as it sounds good.

I listen to pretty much anything as well, I guess.
Standard Not-Terrible-And-Overrated EDM, synthwave chillwave stuff like that…
Chiptune is cool long as it doesn’t hurt my ears.
I of course really like geoplex as it’s fun and spacy without being too, too rough.
I sometimes listen to more basic and chill soundtracks, for instance I love Animal Crossing’s music when I’m studying.
Minecraft is the soundtrack of my childhood and as such I owe my life and soul to c418.
ben prunty is also kind of a god in my eyes.
and i listen to whatever my friends are listening to i guess.

Well, that sums that up.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

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