What is your favourite game of all time?

Most of us played a big variety of games but there is always that one games that marks you for how much fun you had or how amazing it was.Tell us what game gave you that experience.

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Super Mario Sunshine, Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, Donkey Kong 64, Halo, Minecraft, Yoshi’s Island and Super Mario Bros (for NES)
These are my favorite games and sagas of all time.

I have a lot of favorite games, but one than stands out recently is Factorio.

Factorio put a smile on my face the first time I played it. It was a combination of AHA and COOOOOOL when I built my first factory, haha.

Honestly I was obsessed with Terraria for a number of years, and that’s probably gotta be my choice.

I guess i should say what mine is.
Kerbal Space Program, because that game single handedly made me discover my passion:Space and i love it for that.