1. Be respectful. Do not harass, threaten, or harm users. This is a broad rule, but an important one. If you severely break this rule, you will be banned on the spot.

2. Don’t spam. This means users, channels, staff, and otherwise.

3. Staff and volunteers have the final say. If one of these people are breaking these rules, let a higher up know with sufficient evidence.

4. Posting and promotion/encouragement of piracy links and illegal content is banned on the forums. Discussion is one thing, but active promotion is not allowed.

5. NSFW/NSFL, pornographic, gore, and illegal images and videos of that nature are NEVER allowed. Casual cursing is allowed, but rule #1 still applies.

6. Do not share leaks, spoilers, or any data-mined data related to Last Abyss games in any channel unless otherwise EXPLICITLY stated it’s okay. This goes for spoilers in general too. ALWAYS put spoilers in spoiler tags! Example: [spoiler]Like this [/spoiler] [spoiler] insert message here [/spoiler]

7. Please speak primarily English in all channels except for those that state otherwise.

8. Use common sense.

This is supposed to be a relaxed environment, so be sensible and you shouldn’t have to worry about breaking these rules. :smiley: